Since 2009, I’ve been coaching full time with The Natural Lifestyles. I am head of the Australian Branch as well as running Summer tours through Europe and US annually with James Marshall and the rest of the TNL crew. 

I run Platinum Residential Programs globally, focusing on Rapid Escalation and Social Freedom. After presenting at the UK and Australian 21 Convention, I released my book Rapid Escalation, rated 5 stars on Amazon.com.

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When I’m not seducing sexy ladies, or helping guys create the relationships and lifestyle that they want, I’m a musician. I write music for films and TV shows and play in a few rock and metal bands.

My philosophy is based on the idea that guys already have what it takes to seduce and date women, they just don’t know it yet. So it’s my job to help them discover that for themselves.

My approach to seduction is a little bit crazy…

I have a rep for being a ‘social freedom’ guy, who pushes the acceptable norms to the extreme, finding the chinks in the social matrix and bending them to my will. I was passionate about this philosophy from a young age.

Ever since I was a boy I was always ‘the good kid’. I was always that guy going ‘come on guys, I don’t think we should be doing this….’.  A girl at school once said ‘Liam? No, I would never date him. He’s not enough of a bad boy.’

Like any teenage boy I had lots of rebellious masculine energy, but instead of expressing it by joining a gang, doing graffiti and getting in fights like the other guys at school, I chose instead to rebel against my own social fears. I directed all my energy towards overcoming the limitations of my mind. Pushing my comfort zone became an extreme sport for me; I was addicted.

This is a huge part of my coaching; getting guys to give themselves permission to get rejected, to accept that they can’t always look cool, and let go of trying to impress other people all the time. The paradox of this is that once you implement that non-attachment philosophy, people are drawn to your open energy and actually respond much more positively to you—-> you become cool!

The flow on effect from the introspective direction of my rebellious teenage energy gave me a huge edge when I was learning seduction. Couple this with an active philosophy of not caring what people think (or to be more specific, not letting your fear of what others think control you) and you have a recipe for deadly, boundary pushing seduction.

What had started with questioning the status quo evolved into ‘what is possible with seduction? How fast can I touch a woman? How fast can I kiss her? How fast can I have sex with her?’

I spent a lot of time infield trying this out for myself, and got rejected enough times to develop a healthy immunity to rejection. From that point on, things started to get crazy.

I’ve been on countless crazy sex adventures, as detailed in my book. I think I was drawn to creating this kind of experiences for myself because I used to have such intense reactions to hearing about crazy sex stories of others, or seeing them in movies. I’d think ‘That’s not true! That never happens! Why does stuff like that never happen to me?’

One of the highlights was when I gave a talk to the Melbourne lair talk on social freedom, and then thought ‘if I’m so socially free, why don’t I prove it to myself? I’m going to go to the city tomorrow and try to have sex with someone, or at least kiss someone.’

I ended up having a saucy encounter with this sexy lady in the Casino toilets 20 mins after meeting her.

And so followed many fun adventures into the world of rapid escalation. Living with my parents while I was completing my music degree added to this, always having to improvise seduction locations (laneways, public toilets, parks, under bridges, on trains, airport waiting lounge etc).

As a coach, I’m passionate about pushing the limits of what people think is possible, tearing a hole in the social matrix and holding it open long enough for a few other people to climb through with me. I love it when I see a guy just face his fears and go for what he wants, and it feels even better when I’ve helped him create that reality.

For me it’s as much about changing women’s lives as it is about helping men: there are so many women out there waiting to go on a sexual/romantic adventure, and I love the idea that I’m helping guys create those experiences for themselves and also for the women they meet.


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