Top 3 Wingman Qualities (Video)


The most important aspect of a good wingman relationship is that you are on the same team. This sounds extremely obvious but is an attitude that the vast majority of men don’t have. They compete with each other, pull each other down, hang shit on each other, and this extends to seduction opportunities.

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How To Approach When Everyone’s Watching You


Do you get nervous when looking a woman in the eye? How was about for 15 seconds straight? Here’s a video of an awkward approach I did on two girls sitting by a pool. It’s hard enough approaching a girl walking down the street. But I was feeling so tense walking across the open pool area, all these people sitting there with nothing to do but to gossip. I meditated to calm myself, took a breath and walked over.

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9 Ways To Screw Up A Date


Men often complain that women make it problematic to have sex with them, particularly when a girl comes home after a date. They think “Why would she come to my house if she didn’t want to fuck!” The joke is, she probably did, and your house or the way you acted turned her off.
Here are 9 common ways guys mess up a chance to get laid after a date..

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