9 Ways To Screw Up A Date


Men often complain that women make it problematic to have sex with them, particularly when a girl comes home after a date. They think “Why would she come to my house if she didn’t want to fuck!” The joke is, she probably did, and your house or the way you acted turned her off.
Here are 9 common ways guys mess up a chance to get laid after a date..

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Make Seduction Fun (3 rules)


Seduction can really be so much fun. Don’t believe me? Are you a “serious robot man” who is doing precisely what he needs to do because this person said do it and he will do it exactly “right”? This is the guy that women are incredibly uncomfortable to be around. This high standard that he […]

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Relationship Advice They DON’T Tell You…

But what they don’t realize is the relationship advice they’ve been given is not just unhelpful…in most of the cases we see, it’s too little, too late. They are already in too deep, driven by cultural myths about what women want, and have lost their masculine energy, vitality and life force that made the woman attracted to them in the first place.

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