LIam is an executive coach for The Natural Lifestyles and leads the Australian branch, as well as spending part of the year in Europe. Since 2007 TNL have trained thousands of men worldwide to live out their true seductive potential. Liam combines the two simple yet powerful philosophies of Social Freedom (over coming your social fear of what other people think) and Rapid Escalation (being honest and upfront about your sexuality) to create an explosive seductive combination that allows guys to take women on their wildest sexual adventures.

If you are after the fastest and most enjoyable results possible, then taking live coaching is the best option. From personal infield training, exhilarating seduction tours through exotic cities, through to long term theoretical and practical workshops to delve into the depth of seductive mastery.

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Residential workshops and seduction tours

Melbourne Residential

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Join Liam, Tony and Shae for a week long residential workshop in the city where it all began, Melbourne Australia. TNL only returns to Melbourne for a few months each year, due to summer coaching tours in Europe.

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Introductory Coaching

Phone Coaching

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Private phone coaching sessions available world wide with Liam and Shae. Work through sticking points, design lifestyle abundance, receive missions and regular feedback, stay motivated. Beginner to advanced. Worldwide.

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