Daytime Rapid Escalation – How Fast Is Too Fast? (Video)


Getting physical with a woman is VITAL for seduction…everyone knows that. Of course, you have to touch her at some point if you’re going to sleep with her.

But how soon should you get physical? Often it’s MUCH sooner than most men think. Most guys get stuck in boring conversations with girls that is stimulating for neither of them, which in the long term leads to being seen as the ‘nice guy’ who’s a ‘great friend’ but…. Girls never see him as the type of guy who has that sexual spark, that edge, that burst of excitement that leads them to see him as someone they want to sleep with.

For guys in this position, starting to introduce touch is going to make your intentions much clearer.

Touch has two powerful effects:

-it shows your intentions, shows that you can take risks, and that you are bold

-the way you handle her reaction to the touch, meanwhile, shows her that you can respect her boundaries.

As you see in this video, I take a risk by offering to dance with her on the street. She follows my lead. I take another risk when I kiss her neck, and then draw investment from her when I get her to kiss me back.

Later, when I try hugging her from the back as she use’s my phone, she makes it clear she’s not comfortable with this. Reading this signal, I back off. This sends a clear message

“I will touch you if you’re enjoying it, and I’ll stop when you’re uncomfortable.”

This is a powerful combination. It shows her you have balls, but also respect. She can trust you to read her signals and flow at a pace she feels okay with.

So it’s never too soon to start touching, as long as you can give her the space to say no and respect her wishes.

It’s one thing to read this, better to watch it… but nothing compares to being able to practice this in real life. What if you could walk through how to get physical with a woman in a classroom environment, and then go infield with a coach who will listen into to the interaction and give you clear feedback about what you need to change? Often the way you speak, the way you stand, everything about your physicality has to change.


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