How To Approach When Everyone’s Watching You


Do you get nervous when looking a woman in the eye? How was about for 15 seconds straight? Here’s a video of an awkward approach I did on two girls sitting by a pool.

It’s hard enough approaching a girl walking down the street. But I was feeling so tense walking across the open pool area, all these people sitting there with nothing to do but to gossip. I meditated to calm myself, took a breath and walked over.

The secret to being cool and calm? Simple: breathe! It’s crazy that a natural thing you’ve been doing since birth can unlock the secrets to your social power. Learning meditation is useful forever. You’re always gonna breathe. And awkward moments are a part of life. Learn to handle them.

Meditation was the first thing James Marshall taught me, and learning this simple effective technique transformed how relaxed I feel in social situations. She told me they came on this holiday and didn’t even go party the previous night. So of course I invited them out.



This comes from a mindset: girls on holiday WANT TO GET LAID. They don’t travel for architecture. They travel for fun, boys, parties, flirting, seduction. I consider it my DUTY to fuck backpackers. I’m giving them the experience they want. Notice when we have the staring competition: That moment of eye contact is TENSE. But it tells her a lot about what kind of man I am. It shows I can handle pressure. And that I’ll be a good lover. The killer combination of James Marshall intent and my Hell fire eyes. One of the first things we teach guys on our residential programs is how to look someone in the eye and project a powerful intent. The Third Seduction Principle is Pressure/Release: holding strong eye contact is a basic requirement.

I’m not saying you should stare into every women eyes like this. But you need to have the ability to when the situation calls for it. Ask yourself, if it really came to it…when you’re standing there right in front of the girl of your dreams: Would you have what it takes to stare deeply into her eyes, feeling your masculine energy flowing into the pool of her feminine energy?

Most modern men cannot do this. For the first two decades of my life, I couldn’t. But I made it my mission to be able to stand in that pressure, tension and awkwardness. This is a simple but vital life skill.


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