Travel Bum joins TNL as its Newest Coach + Travel Bum Season 2


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When you’ve been around the block as much as I have, and seen the entire rabbit hole of seduction, lifestyle design and more, it’s not often that I’m impressed by someone.

However, I’m coming to you today with a very special announcement, and a very special individual: Andy from Travel Bum.

(For fans who want the latest news on The Travel Bum show, click here)

Both Liam and I were blown away when we first saw his webseries on the Internet, and we both instantly knew: this guy had it.

This guy was a natural in all senses of the word – he’d never been exposed to the “PUA” underworld, and he’d figured it all out by himself.

However, as it is with interesting people, it’s quite hard to get a hold of them (if you’ve ever tried to contact me, you’ll know that to be true).

But we eventually got Andy on a Skype call, flew him over to our home base in Budapest… and we were even more blown away in person.

He’s put together this video for you guys to get to know him and to bring you into his world, and I’m stoked to announce that Andy is now TNL’s newest coach.

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