Euro Tour 2016


Imagine spending 10 summer days travelling through exotic Eastern European countries with the worlds best seduction teachers, receiving round the clock instruction and constant infield experience, while meeting dozens of amazing women at each stop.

At the same time visiting beautiful, fascinating cities and countryside and experiencing rich cultural heritage. Throughout it all, bonding with an awesome group of guys, getting up to all sorts of mischief & fun and having the trip of a lifetime. Sound too good to be true??

It was, until the team at The Natural Lifestyles led the world’s first travelling seduction workshops through Eastern Europe in July 2008. During those long summer days, students went from shy and anxious to dashing and dangerous. No Czech party girl or Hungarian model was safe and the brave men that returned tanned and grinning were never the same. I’d love to tell you the juicy stories of what happened but what goes on tour, stays on tour… hmmm, maybe a sneak peak…


They then did it all again the following 7 years, with increasingly amazing results…


It’s on again! Refined, revamped and super slick, the 2014 Euro tour is now taking applicants.

Taking all the lessons from the first 7 year’s pioneering trips, we have refined the journey; streamlining all the travel arrangements, choosing only the best locations and perfecting all the training exercises. The Natural Lifestyles team have finalised all the details for 2014 tours and are incredibly excited to be leading another crew of seduction explorers on the ride of their lives. With only 10 spots available and with all previous tours selling out quickly, now is the time to get in contact with us to find out more about this world first program.

So what are we offering a select group of men for this upcoming European summer?

Ten days of non-stop coaching and adventures in late May/early June and September 2014. We will be travelling through 3 of the best countries in the Region that we have chosen for their combination of beauty, cultural richness and most importantly their concentration of incredibly attractive, friendly women:

Czech Republic
Prague: Prague offers incredible nightlife, huge concentration of travellers there for a good time, not a long time;) Endless opportunities for day game. Eastern Europe’s most beautiful city and the perfect kick start to thetour.

Budapest: Hungarian girls are renowned for their ravishing exotic beauty and sexually forward natures. Budapest is a fascinating city with the regions best nightclubs, huge outdoor clubs, packed with a stunning concentration of single girls. Also great opportunities for day game pick up at the famous hot spring bathhouses.

Belgrade: Although a little shaby around the edges, Belgrade is perhaps the best place in central Europe to meet stunning women. With a pumping nightlife every night of the week, fantastic restaurants, cafes and bars and a culture that loves life, Belgrade is a little known gem for budding seducers. Without comparison the women there are the friendliest in Europe. The perfect place to finish the trip of a lifetime.

So how are you going to spend your holidays this year?

  • Fishing trip with your high school buddies?
  • Sitting by the TV?
  • Lying on a beach watching the girls go by?


Or are you going to take the challenge to join this unique adventure to meet the girls of your dreams with the Naturals as they blaze across Europe?

If you are interested in joining this world first elite workshop fill out the expression of interest form below and one of our team will be in touch soon with more details.

Expect to return from this trip a completely different man, bursting with charisma, amazing stories and new drive and direction in your life.

What you learn on tour

Round the clock seduction with the world’s hottest women and best infield coaches.

With 5 world class coaches for only 10 students, in all environments, meeting the world’s hottest women.
Specialised training in:

  • Conversation & Flirting
  • Touch escalation and sexual skills
  • Dating and extraction
  • Text and phone game
  • Sexual intent and low energy game
  • Meditation & state control
  • Inner game and confidence building
  • Seductive massage
  • Lifestyle design
  • Infield coaching day & night
  • High end model game and social circle creation

With coaching sessions all day and night, the coaches will take you a variety of theory, practical and live infield training. Daily timetable will include a mixture of:

  • Role playing sessions with female models
  • Daily meditation and body mechanics classes
  • Day and night infield training every day
  • Personal hidden microphone sessions
  • Advanced theory classes and forum discussions
  • Plenty of time to socialise with the coaches and watch them in action


Applications now open for Euro Tour 2014. Fill in the inquiry form below to apply.


  • James Marshall
  • John Cooper
  • Jess Daly
  • Liam McRae
  • Special guest coach – John Keegan



  • 1st tour: 28th May – 9th June 2014 – SOLD OUT
  • 2nd tour: 3rd – 15th September 2014 – 6 SPOTS LEFT



On application – Fill in inquiry form below

Check out this video review from a previous student.

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