Melbourne Mini Residential


In this action packed 4 days, Liam McRae and Tony Solo will walk you through the ins and outs of seduction, from the simplicity of how to approach women on the street and in bars, how to spark powerful sexual tension with women and leave them wanting more, to how to create deep emotional connections with the girls you meet and find a girlfriend.

You’ll learn our simple and easy to understand philosophies: express a clear sexual intention, be honest, hold strong eye contact, touch her properly and the rest will take care of itself.

Ever felt awkward going for the kiss? Or been on a date where you know you need to touch her but you leave it to the last minute?

Famous for his 21 Convention speech and book of the same name, Rapid Escalation, Liam is an expert in the art of touching women in a sexual way that’s enjoyable for both of you. He’ll show you simple ways to make touching smooth, such as the so-obvious-its-almost-stupid rule: stand closer to her, so you’re ALREADY touching her.

Tony Solo, aptly named for his profound ability to approach and meet women by himself day or night, will be showing you how to bust a move so that you’ll never feel out of place on the dance floor again. He’ll be sharing his expertise on night game, teaching you to confidently approach groups and deal with overbearing guys whilst keeping positive and playful.

Your coaches will not only allow you to Role Play flirting and touching in the classroom, but listen in on your interactions infield with hidden microphones, allowing them to hear every detail of the mistakes you’re making when talking to girls, meaning that you can apply their feedback INSTANTLY and see the difference.

Finally, the coaches will take you shopping and completely transform your wardrobe. Whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to invest in a long term wardrobe, they will be able to find clothes that:

1. Fit you! Vital
2. Match your personality (corporate, rocker, punk, casual, sporty, artistic etc)
3. Will last and be versatile. Eg. a pair of black jeans look great on a rocker but throw on a well fitted jacket and it becomes an upscale high fashion outfit.

Steve, 24 – “I didn’t think 4 days would be enough time to make such big belief changes, turns out it is. When talking to my friends about what happened in Barcelona I will say “the coolest thing I learned was…” But this will be followed by something different every time, from projecting intent, the conversational tools to find out what the girl is like as a person, Escalation, through to simple things like holding my own space and not moving nervously when talking to girls.

It is crazy how quick I was seeing the effects of these new techniques. Hearing girls say “you have made my time here the best ever” Is something that has never happened before. Kissing on the street on the third day completely opened my eyes and blew my mind! Then to top it off taking a girl back to my apartment after an instant date, all of which I had no idea was even possible until this workshop.

Going out every night with the coaches had very high and very low points, both within rapid succession of each other but the coaches were always there to wing me and the guys or to watch and give insights and answer questions and most importantly to help push us out of our comfort zones and step into the unknown and give us the confidence and enthusiasm to do it when we got home.”



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